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Saddle rack


In this session you will find all of our saddle rack models available on our catalogue.


Saddle racks for English saddle and for American saddle, fixed or foldable, wall or supported.


Download our PDF with all of this products. 




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Bridle rack

Sartore S.R.L. imports and proposes inside its catalogue an extended selection of bridle racks for saddlery, from the most basic and cheapest versions, to more elaborated models, made with melting processes of materials like brass. When brass is refined and polished it become not only functioning, but also elegant. 






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Drinking bowls

We have different models of drinking bowls, made of metal or plastic, plate or constant.


Most of our drinking bowls are produced in Italy to offer you the best products ever and the best guarantee of duration, reliability and availability of spare parts.


As always, Sartore S.R.L. proposes selected pieces on competitive terms.


Download the PDF with all the drinking bowl models available. 




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With the purpose to satisfy all of your needs, Sartore S.R.L. proposes an extended range of mangers, made of different materials, colours and sizes, box mangers, patent door mangers, fixed mangers, door mangers, hay racks and so on.

All of our products are always carefully selected to guarantee the best items with the best conditions.

We apply this rules to mangers too, for instance we propose OK-PLAST label products, produced in Denmark.

Sartore S.R.L. imports and distributes exclusive this Dutch Company, well-known in the zoo-technical sector for the quality of its articles.

OK-PLAST produces with rotation system that offers a best resistance and reduces considerably the possibility of breakages due to moulding.

In our catalogue you can find products of this brand and many others. 



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Buckets are indispensable both for life inside the stable and when we are in competition.

For this simple article too, we propose a wide choice of models, colours and sizes to satisfy your needs.

Download the PDF with all the buckets models available inside our range. 




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Forks and handles

Sartore S.R.L. offers a wide range of choice of forks for stable from the cheapest models to a higher-level forks made of qualitative materials, produced in Italy. One example of those are our SPECIAL FORKS, made by a Firm with a thirty-year experience in the moulding of resins and plastic materials of high quality, or the memorable American brand for Horse riding DURAFORK, that produces saddlery items of high quality.

All of our forks can be bought with or without handle and for the most qualitative versions you will have the opportunity to choose the type of handle that you prefer between different materials: wood, aluminium and ergonomic aluminium.

Choose model, colour and handle that is more suited to your needs.




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Inside our collection, barrows can’t miss.

We have folding barrows with aluminium structure, great because they don’t encumber, they are really light, sturdy and capacious. We have also professional barrows perfect to be used in the stable with a resin tub very capacious (180 litres) and galvanized-steel structure with double wheel with inner tube, this model is more indicated for an extensive use.



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Inside our range you can find also different models of muzzle made of: plastic, nylon, neoprene, with adjustable harness or without harness. p

Open this section to find the model that you are looking for. 






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Various accessories


In this section you can find a mix of all the products that can be useful inside the stable, such as extendable rings, pliers, horse measuring and much more. 



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Stress-relief toys

Stress-relief horse-ball can be used as distraction for our horses when they have to stay inside the box for a long time.

Some models can be filled up with small snacks, just to dispense them little by little during the time spent inside the box. 



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Accessories for competition field

In this chapter you will find different indispensable accessories for the preparation of your competition field. 







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Saddle trunks

Our saddle trunks are all made in Italy on our exclusive project, developed during years to satisfy needs and requests of the professional rider.

Our range of trucks is composed by twelve different standard models, but our ability to elaborate also customized models, contribute to enrich constantly our proposal.

So we have a constantly evolving line, which is always up-to-date in terms of materials, colours and technologies.

Download the PDF of the section saddle trunks and if you can’t find the product that you need, don’t hesitate to address to your retailer and assess the possibility to make your customized saddle trunk. 

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