Western saddlery

First-price western saddles

Our company imports numerous models of western saddles of first price, particularly indicated for riding club or beginners.

In this section you will find a wide selection of models and sizes through which you will find the right product for you. 




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Western saddles TRIPLE S

TRIPLE S by SARTORE saddle line and accessories for western Horse riding are made with good quality materials: saddles made of American leather, trees made of fibre covered by rawhide.

All our products of this brand distinguished themselves for their high value for money.

Inside our range of western saddles, you will find different models available in different colours and sizes like: PLEASURE, REINING, BARREL.




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Synthetic western saddles

In addition to the classic leather western saddles, we offer also synthetic versions.

Our synthetic western saddles are high quality products, the synthetic material don’t warm up and maintain a good grip without getting abrasive.

All the metal details are in polish steel, so very resistant to wear and rust.

They are a good alternative for who’s looking for a light product, with a reduced maintenance and long duration.




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Bosal, headstall with bosal, mecate

Bosal in different materials, headstall with bosal, mecate of horsehair or fabric.






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Noseband and tiedown

In this section you will find different models of noseband in various materials and colours and leather or nylon tie down that you can combine.





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Replacement for saddles

In this section you will find replacement for saddle parts in nylon or leather and buckles, with fender regulation. 




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Western saddle covers and saddle seat covers

Nylon saddle covers and natural fur saddle seat covers available in different colours like: brown, black and natural lamb.





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Saddle bags

Western saddle bags in different materials.





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Martingales and breast collars

Western martingales and breast collars, made of nylon or different quality of leather, with various finishing and decorations.





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SARTORE S.R.L. company imports and distributes in the best saddleries different models of western girths, in various materials and sizes.

In this section you can see our proposal and select the product that interest you.







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There are available different models of western reins, in different colours, length, width and thickness of leather.

In this section you can see different models and find what you were looking for.






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Western bridles

In our section of western bridles, you can find our range of bridles and headstalls.

We dispose of different models from the simple one to the more complicated with rawhide finishing and Alpacca trims.



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Western bridles of higher quality

In this section you can find qualitative models of western bridles, all made of American leather with accurate finishing and long resistance to wear. They can be used intensively.






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The bridle/halter combine the classic use of both, in fact by acting on snaps, you can remove reins and bit and you will get a normal halter.





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Saddle pads


Western pads and saddle pads in different sizes, materials and colours.

Download this section to see our proposal.





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HAF saddle pads

HAF western saddle pads are products of high quality, made of high quality materials, with special technical characteristics.

The external material is often DRY-SEC, very resistant to wear, breathable, while the part in touch with the horse is made of Simpanova, with an alveolar weave, which is breathable, anti-slip and water repellent.

Download the PDF with our HAF saddle pads and select the best for you.



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Bareback in fabric with plastic stirrups.

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