English spurs and accessories


SARTORE S.R.L. imports and distributes for over 30 years HERM SPRENGER products.

In this section you can find all products that we import from this German company.

HERM SPRENGER line of spurs is composed of other models, that we can supply you if request.

Download the PDF to see all HS spurs imported by us.






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Spurs and accessories

Inside our range of products, we have a wide number of spurs for English horse riding, available in different sizes, colours and materials.

In addition to spurs, you can find an assortment of accessories for spurs such as nylon straps, leather straps, protections for spurs and more over.

Download the PDF to see the part of our catalogue dedicated to these products. 



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Spanish and Portuguese spurs- accessories

In our proposal you can find specific models such as Spanish spurs.

Spanish and Portuguese spurs are available in our catalogue; they have different finishing.

Download the PDF with Spanish and Portuguese spurs and accessories.






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