English bits

Various English bits

SARTORE S.R.L. imports a wide range of bits for English Horse riding.

Inside our range of products, you will find models and variants available in different materials, sizes and for some models we have full and hollow versions.

We dispose of an important assortment in order to let you the opportunity to find the best for you.

In our website you will find other sections dedicated to our bits, to ameliorate your research.

Download the PDF to consult this general section dedicated to English bits.



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BERIS bits

SARTORE S.R.L. imports and distributes in Italy BERIS label, specialized in the artisanal production of bits in synthetic food materials.

BERIS is situated in Wittenberg, Germany and has a long experience in the production of artisanal bits for Horse riding.

All BERIS products have a bit made of plastic food material and are available in different harnesses (generally 3: soft-medium-hard) and breaking bit, Butterfly and some versions covered by leather.

We have spoken about mouth, but we have a wide choice also about rings, the length of cheeks, just to let you the opportunity to find the best for your horse, without useless stress for its mouth. 




LINK BERIS COMPLETE CATALOGUE - vai al catalogo completo BERIS



SARTORE S.R.L. company is exclusive importer for Italy of BOMBERS bits.

Famous in international shows, these artisanal bits are an incredible combination of high artisanal skills, innovative and traditional materials. The 30-year experience of Mr. Bombers gives the opportunity to create not only bits, but real ways to increase your horse’s performance.

It’s not a simple bit, but something that let you the opportunity to create a winning team. 



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HAPPY MOUTH bits are present in the business from decades and have their own fans, who prefer plastic mouths to those in full metal.

Nowadays HAPPY MOUTH bits are not only fundamental for those subjects who have a real sensitive mouth, but with a very wide choice of bits with competitive prices they are an option for riders that want to test a new bit model.

Download the PDF with the entire range of HAPPY MOUTH bits. 



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SARTORE S.R.L. imports and distributes in the best saddleries JOHN WHITAKER line.

Whitaker designs also a line of bits, you can find them in our catalogue. 






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SARTORE S.R.L. imports HERM SPRENGER label for 30 years, in this period the German company is become fundamental in the Italian equestrian tradition, thanks to its high quality products and the elevate technical innovation.

A lot of very important horse riders use constantly HERM SPRENGER products and contribute to strengthen the brand and its diffusion.

In addition to bits, the company produces different lines of spurs and stirrups, all very qualitative.  




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Bits made of the new material called VULCANITE, were produced in Bakelite, a material that some years ago was the only one to guarantee a long duration and dispersion of heat.

Today, thanks to new technologies, there are available new materials with similar characteristics to Bakelite but more easy to get found.

This new material, VULCANITE, maintains the same characteristics of Bakelite so it’s stronger, harder and colder than the rubber ones.

VULCANITE line is made in England and homemade with very high qualitative standards.





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Driving bits

Through our choice of bits, we dispose of some models of driving bits.

They are completely made of stainless steel and available in different sizes, they are high quality products with a competitive price. 






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Various accessories for bits

In this section you will find a wide range of accessories that can be used with our English or Western bits.

Rubber bit guards, curb chains, gag straps, Pelham rounding… of different models, lengths and materials. 







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