Fencing and accessories

Electric fence

Our electric fences are all of Italian production and in compliance with regulations, in our wide range you can find machines that function with batteries, batteries/electricity, solar and rechargeable.

Each electric fence is indicated for a specific use and prearranged distances.

If you want to use optimally your electric fence, you must combine it with a charger, flat tape, wire of adequate quality. 


How to use an electric fence and which one - Scarica PDF

how to make a electric fence - Scarica PDF

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Flat tapes and cords for fences

We dispose of a wide range of products to set an electric fence for horses or other animals up.

In this chapter you will find flat tapes, wires, cords and all products that you need.

Generally, these products are available with different technical characteristics and prices, even if our company commercialises just “made in Germany” products, for high performances.

Ask for advice to your retailer of trust to know how to made a customized electric fence. 


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Insulators are a fundamental part to obtain a good fencing, in fact, even the best electric fence is useless if the flap tape or cord aren’t properly insulated and put under tension.

In our range there are different models for wires, ropes, tapes and insulators from 20mm to 60mm for wooden and metal posts.

Download the PDF with all of insulators models.


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Connectors and connector cables

Buckles of connections are useful to connect each other the ends of the wire, cord or flat tape and connector cables are necessary to bring electricity from electric fence to wire, rope, flat tape and make a bridge between two wire or to connect the fence to the ground connection cable.

Usually they are made of metal material and can be made of polymer.

An improvised or poorly executive connection can reduce efficacy of the fence; we suggest you to pay attention also to these details just to obtain the best.




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Plastic posts-gate handle-various accessories

Plastic posts are made for itinerant or temporary fences; in this section you can also find other accessories such as gate handle for the creation of access points and more others. 





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